How can help me? brings initiatives and individuals together to manage supply of goods and time and demand of donations and work in the most efficient way possible with the least amount of extra work.

  • Initiatives will only receive things that they ask for and do not have to deal with excessive amount of unwanted stuff.
  • Individuals know what is needed and where and don't waste resources and time.

It works like a shop, but kind of reversed:
Initiatives determine the demand for several items and create tasks accordingly. The tasks are listed on the site and individuals select tasks and gather corresponding goods and bring them to the initiative. The progress to task completion is managed transparently from within

Do you want to help?

You want to help but you have no idea what you can do?
This tool will help you find task near you, items that are needed and things that should be done.
How does it work?

  • You create and account on the site or just login with your facebook account
  • look through the list of tasks and find things that you can help with.
  • create a task lists (we call it a mission) from all the tasks
  • And bring the things to where they are needed.

To facilitate the whole process we send you an email with a code after you created the mission. if you show this code to a member of the initiative they can immediately know what you brought them and can plan accordingly.

Are you part of an initiative?

This website will help your initiative to inform about the kind of donations and help that is needed and to manage the demand.
How does it work?

  • Create a page for your initiative (only once)
  • Create a tasks for you initiative, e.g. because you realized the lack of winter clothing for men
  • Wait for helpers to respond to the task
  • Upon arrival you can immediately deduct the amount of donations you receive from the overall demand.

When the individual helpers show up, the code they have received for their mission will tell you what kind of things the mission includes and you can immediately deduct them from the total amount with one click.


An initiative represents a group of activists, who want to organize help. Every user can register an initiative on the site and start adding tasks.
There are three fields of responsibility for users that are members of the initiative:

  • Member
    Members can create tasks for the initiative. The tasks need to be reviewed by a coordinator before they can be activated.
    Members can also receive and manage missions and mark them as completed.
  • Coordinator
    Coordinators have all the permissions of a member, but can also activate and edit any tasks for their initiative.
  • Administrator
    Administrators have all the permissions of a coordinator, but can also change the role of members, accept new ones and remove members form the initiative.
  • Pending membership
    Your membership is pending when your application for a membership waits for approval by a board member


Missions are a combination of tasks, but only tasks from one initiative can be part of a mission.

After mission planning is finished (all tasks where added), a new mission for the same or a different initiative can begin immediately.

  1. Find a task to add to you mission.
  2. Add more tasks form the same initiative to your mission
  3. Complete the planning and prepare for your mission. At this point the initiative will be informed what tasks you took over and will receive an email with a code, unique for this mission.
  4. Go to the destination specified for your tasks. Show a member of the initiative your code to complete the mission.

Mission status

  • Pending
    Mission status pending means, that you finished planning, but the mission was not yet accomplished. To accomplish a mission complete all of it's tasks and show the code to a member of the initiative.
  • Canceled
    Mission status canceled means, that you finished planning, but later canceled it. Cancelation of a mission cannot be undone.
  • Completed
    Mission status completed means, that you finished all tasks and a member of the initiative confirmed it, by scanning the code.


A task can be many things. Clothing, consumables like food or toiletries, toys or volunteer work, everything an initiatives needs help with.
Tasks can be created by every member of an initiative, but only coordinators (and administrators) can activate them. Activated tasks can only be edited or deleted by coordinators and administrators as well.
Once the task is created and active users can ad them to their mission.
Every tasks has a location, so users can find tasks near them. The location is set to the address of the initiative on default but can be changed during the task creation process.

The Code

A code is send out via email after finishing the planing for a mission that contains a simple URL. The code can be scanned by a member of the initiative with any QR Code scanner App (Android: Barcode Scanner, iOS: ?) directly from the smartphone of the carrier. The link will lead to a page with the individual tasks of that mission and the member can now decide if the mission was completed and click the specified button on the same page.


Why can't I edit or delete my own tasks?

Probably because the task was activated by an administrator or coordinator of the initiative. Once a task has been activated only those roles can edit or delete them. Ask either of them to update, edit or deactivate those tasks for you, or apply for higher privilege.

How to accomplish a mission?

To accomplish a mission you have to complete all tasks you have chosen to be part of the mission. If all tasks are completed, go to a member of the initiative and show them your code.

I need help?

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to write an e-mail to: